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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity, Something Which This Title Lacks

It’s official, I must stay at home for another month. Big ups to Heather over at Just Geeking By for giving me something to focus on other than being grounded. Links of note will be listed under Further Reading.

What does creativity in fandoms/geeky interests mean to you?

Creativity in geek culture for me means personal flair. I see it most prominently in cosplay and fanart. Artists and cosplayers have a unique drawing or costuming style, so no two versions of the same character are the same. My favorite style of fanart/cosplay is a character in casual wear, as I tend to lean more towards closet/casual cosplay myself.

What is the most creative storyline you’ve come across?

Any student animation project on YouTube. These are a few that have stuck with me over the years:

Be warned, it’s stupidly easy to get sucked into the black hole that is the recommendation engine.

Who is your favourite arty/creative character?

Hilda from Luke Pearson’s Hildafolk. Even if she’s the literal embodiment of the artsy beret trope, I enjoyed her in the graphic novels and Netflix adaptation. 

Image courtesy of Fandom
Being voiced by Lyanna Mormont doesn’t hurt either.

Who is your favourite quirky character?

Any character played by Rami Malek. My first introduction to him was Ahkmenrah in Night at the Museum, but I also liked him as Elliot in Mr. Robot.

Image courtesy of Tenor
He is so preciously awkward and must be protected at all costs.

Which fictional innovative invention do you wish existed in real life?

Did I mention that I really hate stickers on models? Cause I do.

I recently completed my Voltron gunpla, so I would say mecha lions. Even though my favorite color is blue, I’d have to take the Yellow Lion, because it’s an absolute unit.

Image courtesy of Fandom

What upcoming fandom are you most looking forward to?

There’s so much out there, I’ll highlight a few things I’m excited for later this year (or nearish future):

Books: Up the Chimney Down by Joe Hill (sometime in autumn, how apropos)

Video Games: Cyberpunk 2077, N1RV Ann-A (still need to finish VA11 HALL-A whoops)

That’s it for me this week! I’m looking forward to seeing what fandoms others are excited for, seeing as I have even more free time now.

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