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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Pen Beats Sword 🖋

What a time to celebrate freedom of the press. Heather over at Just Geeking By served up some hot prompts that highlight media outlets in fiction and it was a doozy. Links of note will be listed under Further Reading.

What is your favourite fictional media outlet?

This is probably stretching it, but I’m a casual fan of The Onion. Some of their headlines hit a little too close to the mark for me before I got my new job. 😅

Who is your favourite fictional journalist?

Wangari from Little Witch Academia. I know deep down it’s an all-girl version of Harry Potter. I loved it anyway and it inspired me to go on and watch The Worst Witch, which is essentially CBBC’s live action version.

Image courtesy of Fandom

Who is your favourite fictional photographer?

Image courtesy of Fandom

The immediate example that came to mind was Colin Creevey in Harry Potter. There’s also Polly Perkins in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Since I more recently caught up with Stranger Things (a million years late), I’d have to say Jonathan Byers.

What is your favourite fictional interview?

The opening interview sequence in The Incredibles. Elastigirl is queen. 

If you could interview any fictional character who would it be?

Jaskier from The Witcher, seeing as I wrapped that up recently also. Can we talk about how he basically single-handedly rebranded Geralt?

Image courtesy of
The most iconic duo.

Which character would you like to see given an absolute grilling live on TV and why?

Anai, the new temp from Aggretsuko. My reaction to him was visceral on a whole other level. Seriously my guy, what is your damage. He needs to get knocked down a few pegs.

Image courtesy of Gfycat

Woo, this was a hard one this week! A lot of media I consume doesn’t often feature media outlets, or at least I don’t make note of them. I’m curious to see what others proffer as their answers!

Further Reading

The Onion

Little Witch Academia

Stranger Things

The Witcher



  1. Some interesting characters for photograpther there that I hadn’t even considered! Goold old Jaskier, that in interview would be hilarious. I could just see him trying to hustle the interveiwer though 😀

    • I mean, you’re definitely not wrong. Low-key hoping he gets even more screen time in the second season because he is just too good for this world.

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