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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Yes mate, I am havin’ a giggle 🤣

Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes. It’s strange to think about laughter in the current climate, but this week’s prompts were a welcome respite amidst the doom and gloom news. Links of note will be listed under Further Reading.

What makes you laugh?

Literally anything Ryan Stiles and Colin Mocherie do. They are such a joy.

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What TV show makes you laugh?

In line with the previous question, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, especially in the early seasons. The Golden Trio™ for me was Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles. If Greg Proops or Brad Sherwood took the fourth spot, it was even better. A cameo of Drew Carey was sprinkles on top. My top favorite clip was from the game Three Headed Broadway Star. The objective is to sing a song one word at a time in a certain show style. Here’s the top Broadway love song, “You Got Sole,” featuring Wayne, Drew, and Ryan.

My other favorite moment was when Ryan got so into his part in Party Quirks, he broke the neon glass on the podium. I will never not giggle at physical comedy.

What is your favourite comedy movie?

I can’t say I have a top tier favorite, but the most memorable for me was Accepted. It was aptly released right around the same time I was applying to college myself.

Image courtesy of the The Daily Californian

What scene always makes you crack up?

My favorite episode out of all the Angry Video Game Nerd episodes is “Game Glitches.” It introduces the Glitch Gremlin as a character. I know it’s the result of audio effects, but I’ve always snickered whenever he opened his mouth.

Image courtesy of Steam

Who is your favourite funny guy/girl?

The entire team of Australia’s Today Show. I wish I could start my day with a laugh like they can. They’re not intentionally comedians to the best of my knowledge, but they play off each other so well. They’re not afraid to laugh at and/or with each other.

Who is your favourite comedian?

ILIZA SCHLESINGER. My first introduction to her was War Paint. My favorite special she’s done is either Freezing Hot or Elder Millennial

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