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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Ain’t No Party Like a Fandom Party 🎉

Fall is officially here! Time to stay inside under a million blankets and sip hot beverages. This week I’m cozied up with Heather’s prompts about parties. Links of note will be listed under Further Reading.

What is your favourite celebration scene from a fandom?

 I can’t seem to go too many prompts without mentioning The Lord of the Rings, so either Bilbo’s birthday or Merry and Pippin’s table dancing.

Which character’s birthday was the most memorable?

This doesn’t specifically refer to a birthday, but no tea no shade Veruca Salt’s party plan sounds pretty banger to me.

What does celebration mean to you as fan?

In my younger years I would have said the post battle parties. Of course there should be a party, the good guys won, that’s reason enough. Now that I’ve mellowed out some, it’s more about coming together with a group that you know and love and simply enjoying each other’s presence. 

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What was the last fandom related achievement or milestone you celebrated? /Have you ever had/been to a fandom themed celebration?

I’m lumping these two together since what my answer addresses both. The last fandom milestone I can remember getting excited about was Pokémon turning 20, so I threw the franchise a birthday party.  I went out and got decorations and props for a photo booth, I made pokéball themed treats, and I screened the first three movies, among other things. 

Do you celebrate any important pop culture dates such as movie or video game release anniversaries?

Oh boy, the only anniversary I marked with any remote consistency was J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday. I missed sharing the day by one. The other anniversary I’m aware of is Mario Day, which is March 10th, and that’s only because Nintendo blows up my inbox about it. In the future I want to expand my repertoire to include Cyberpunk 2077, provided that it doesn’t suck.

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